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Photos courtesy of Casual Creation Photography

Stone Gate Farm • May 31
Horse Hill Acres • June 6
Chagrin Valley Hunt • TBD
Horse Hill Acres • September 5
Stone Gate Farm • October 3
Bath Pony Club • October 17 cancelled
2021 Dates

Division I : Ideal Time Over Fences


Division II : Ideal Time On The Flat


Division III : Leisurely Pace

Horse Hill Acres
June 6, 2021
Sept 5, 2021
Stone Gate Farm
May 31, 2021
October 3, 2021
Bath Pony Club
October 17, 2021
Erie Hunt & Saddle

What Is A Hunter  Pace?

  • The improvement of horsemanship

  • Riding safety

  • Physical development of horse & rider

  • The sport of riding to hounds

  • The preservation & conservation of open lands

  • Humane treatment of all animals




To follow a well marked course approx. 5 miles in length at a safe (trot & canter) hunting pace as if hounds were running a line on the scent of a fox. Coops & natural obstacles; not to exceed 3 ft. All coops & obstacles must be jumped in order & only after the third refusal may proceed around.



To follow jumping course with ways around jumps. May jump any obstacle once.


Trail Riders

To follow much of the same sourse at a leisurely trail riding pace as if following the hunt before the hounds find the scent of the fox.

Promoting & Encouraging

Description Of Competition

  • Post entries close 11:00am day of pace.

  • First horse on course 12:00 noon sharp. Jumpers are first to go out.

  • Entries mailed before event will have first order of go.

  • All divisions must be ridden by teams of 2 or 3. If you don't have a partner, come anyways and we'll pair you up with someone, or we'll arrange you to run as the third member of a team.

  • Divisions must be delared when entering.

  • Courses will be open for inspection the day before the pace.

  • Course & fences will be marked. Jumping courses will be approx. 4-5 miles over hunt & cross country obstacles.

  • Fences are approx. 3 ft., with no way around some.

  • All fences must be jumped in numerical order.

  • A jump may be excluded only after 3 refusals.

  • All riders must pass check points & complete entire course.

  • Teams may pass each other. Please make way of passing team.

  • Last horse over the finish line will be the team's time.

  • Informal dress: breeches, boots, protective headgear with harness MUST be worn while mounted.

  • Please be considerate if landowner's property.

  • Incase of bad weather, the organizer reserves the right to alter the course prior to the event for the safety of the rider's.

  • Judge's decision is final.

  • Trail riders division: English, western or endurance equipment. Safety helmet, appropriate & informal riding attire & boots required. No tank or crop tops. No tennis shoes.


*Course walking: Saturday - all day. Sunday - before the pace begins.


Chagrin Valley Hunt
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