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NEW Dressage Tests!!

Online Entry
Please note there are NEW dressage tests! Those affected are Intro & Very Green divisions!
There are new Intro Test A, Intro Test B, Intro Test C, Training Level Tests 1-3 & First Level Tests 1-3 dressage tests
These are now posted on the download page as well as a revised 2019 Mini Trial Booklet.

What's New For 2019:

Entry Fees:
There will no longer be a set entry/stabling fee for each division for all competition locations. Fees may change per location - check the individual competition's location page for their entry/stabling fees
Refunds: NO REFUNDS unless otherwise stated in the individual competition's policy.
Make sure if you owe money to one of the competition locations that you settle your indebtedness as you will not be permitted to compete in any other mini trials until that is settled.
Just a reminder:
NEOMTS will follow USEA Rules for Eventing with some exceptions for Intro & Very Green. Such as:
  • Any bit is allowed
  • Grazing reins are allowed if the ring is on grass
  • Dressage tests may be read
  • Authorized assistance
*Click here to see the new USEA Rules for 2017. 
Very Green stadium will not include any oxers